University of Houston College of Optometry Clinic, La Nueva Casa de Amigos Eye Clinic


Houston, TX
United States
29° 45' 36.6948" N, 95° 22' 9.804" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
April 24, 2012
Houston, TX
United States
Extra Info: 

Those with questions may call (855) 834-1606.

Records Breached: 

7,000 (No SSNs or financial information reported)

The University of Houston College of Optometry became aware that one of their computers was infected with a virus on February 23, 2012.  The person responsible for the breach may have been able to access the information for 24 hours.  Patient records dating between January 2006 and February 13, 2012 could be accessed from the computer.  Patient names, phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, insurance information, future appointments, current medications, diagnoses, treatment information, vision test results, vision history information, letters from referring doctors, costs of medical services or goods, method of payment, occupation/job, gender, and languages spoken were in the patient records.



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