York County, South Carolina


York, SC
United States
34° 59' 39.4872" N, 81° 14' 31.2648" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
May 14, 2012
York, SC
United States
Records Breached: 


Hackers gained access to York County's web application server.  It contained two databases with the information of 17,000 job applicants and vendors.  The first database contained about 12,500 names from as far back as 15 years ago.  The second database was newer and contained information that had been collected up until August 29, 2011.  The intrusion was discovered by the county on August 29 and no new applicants or vendors were affected by the breach.  Those who may have been affected were not notified until after a thorough investigation by York County's IT department.  No definitive evidence was found for a breach after the nine-month investigation.

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