Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford School of Medicine


Stanford, CA
United States
37° 25' 26.7816" N, 122° 9' 57.8736" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
August 3, 2012
Stanford, CA
United States
Extra Info: 

Those with questions may call 855-731-6016.

Records Breached: 

2,500 (Unknown number of SSNs)

A burglary sometime around July 15 resulted in the theft of a computer from a Stanford faculty member's locked office.The computer contained patient information. No medical records or health histories were stored on the computer, but it may have held the Social security numbers of some patients.  The computer was outfitted with security software that would detect when and where the computer connected to the internet.

UPDATE (08/13/2012): The stolen computer was also password-protected. It may have contained medical record numbers, dates of service, and the names of providers and clinics relating to care provided at Stanford Hospital and Clinics or research conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine.



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