Highlandtown Community Health Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital


Baltimore, MD
United States
39° 17' 25.386" N, 76° 36' 43.8804" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
November 14, 2012
Baltimore, MD
United States
Records Breached: 


At least four people were involved in an identity theft ring that affected over 250 people.  One member of the ring was employed by Highlandtown Community Health Center and provided personal and financial patient information that he accessed through his position. The information was used by other ring members to create counterfeit checks and fraudulent state identification cards. The fraud occurred between August and October of 2009.

Another member of the ring was employed by Johns Hopkins Hospital and provided the information of doctors who applied for fellowships there.  Several ring members rented apartments under the identities of doctors. Two of the members pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.  The four members of the ring are required to collectively pay restitution for fraudulently obtained cash, merchandise, and services worth over $188,000.



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