Louisiana State University (LSU) Hospital System

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Date Breach Made Public: 
December 4, 2012
Baton Rouge , LA
United States
Louisiana US
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A dishonest employee working in the billing department used her position to access account information.  She scanned checks and identification information from the LSU hospital system database and passed them on to at least four women.  The scheme was discovered when the four women were allegedly caught on camera making purchases with fake checks.  Handwritten Social Security numbers, check and ID card printing items, computers, and copies of scanned checks were found when the womens' homes were searched.

At least seven people face charges that include identity theft, conspiracy to commit identity theft, conspiracy to commit monetary abuse, and possession of fraudulent documents for identification purposes.  The dishonest employee was charged with 377 counts of identity theft.

UPDATE (01/02/2013): LSU Health notified 416 patients after a hospital employee discovered fraudulent activity on her checking account.