Western University of Health Sciences


Pomona, CA
United States
34° 3' 18.8172" N, 117° 45' 8.298" W
Date Breach Made Public: 
December 18, 2012
Pomona, CA
United States
Records Breached: 


Western University of Health Sciences' BanWeb Self-Service Federal Work Study reports were accessible to people who used BanWeb with a Western University of Health Sciences user ID and password.  The reports contained names, Social Security numbers, and direct deposit bank account information in some cases. The information was available for an unspecified amount of time. Western University of Health Sciences conducted an investigation and reported that there was no reason to believe sensitive information was accessed by unauthorized BanWeb users.  Western University of Health Sciences disabled access to the reports after learning about the breach on November 14. Notifications were sent on December 18.

California Attorney General


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