Carewise Health, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services

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Date Breach Made Public: 
December 28, 2012
Louisville , KY
United States
Kentucky US
Records Breached: 

1,090 (unknown number of SSNs)

Breach Total Number: 
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

An employee responded to a telephone computer phishing scam.  The person was employed by a subcontractor of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (HP ES) named Carewise Health.  Unauthorized users were able to remotely access a database of Medicaid client information as a result of the phishing attempt.  Eventually HP ES and Carewise Health were able to disable the laptop and notify the Cabinet for Health and Family Services of the breach.

UPDATE (01/02/2013): The employee revealed information to the hacker in mid-November.