RR Donnelley, UnitedHealthcare, Boy Scouts of America

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Date Breach Made Public: 
January 28, 2013
Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

UnitedHealthcare has established a hotline for those with questions: 1-866-896-4209.

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8 911
California Attorney General
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An unencrypted desktop computer was stolen from an RR Donnelley facility sometime between mid September and the end of November, 2012.  RR Donnelley is a vendor of UnitedHealthcare.  It is unclear why the breach was not noticed until December 3, 2012.  The stolen computer contained UnitedHealthcare member information that was related to participation in the Boy Scouts of America 2003 health benefit plan.  Names, Social Security numbers, and addresses may have been exposed.

UPDATE (10/01/2013): A total of 8,911 Boy Scouts of America Employee Benefit Plan participants were notified of the breach.