Washington Department of Social and Health Services

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Date Breach Made Public: 
March 29, 2013
Gig Harbor , WA
United States
Washington US
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A private contractor working for the Department of Social and Health Services discovered that their laptop had been stolen on February 4.  The laptop was recovered in a pawn shop on February 14.  It contained the names, ID numbers, psychological evaluations, dates of birth, diagnoses, dates of services, addresses, and last four digits of Social Security numbers of clients.

UPDATE (10/14/2013): The private contractor was a psychologist who had his license suspended as a result of the incident.  The Washington State Department of Health suspended the license after a history of being charged with unprofessional conduct.  He is accused of misrepresenting the number of people who could be affected by the breach and failing to report it to the Department of Social and Health Services until five days after the breach.