Ferris State University

Under Review: 
No Review
Date Breach Made Public: 
August 16, 2013
Big Rapids , MI
United States
Michigan US
Records Breached: 

62,000 (39,000 Social Security numbers)

Breach Total Number: 
39 000
Year of Breach: 
Type of organization: 
Type of breach: 

An unauthorized person gained access to the school's computer network.  Campus ID numbers, names, and possibly other information of staff and students were exposed.  In addition to the 39,000 people who had their files with Social Security numbers exposed, 19,000 more indidviduals were notified of the breach.

UPDATE (10/22/2013): It is estimated that 62,000 people were affected and $380,000 was spent investigating the breach.  This number includes providing services to those who were affected.