University of Missouri Health Care

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Date Breach Made Public: 
August 19, 2011
Columbia , MO
United States
Missouri US

Patients with questions may call a customer service representative at (573) 882-2013 or (573) 884-1983.  Customer service representatives can also be reached at (800) 877 2372.  More information is available at

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1 288
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On June 14, University of Missouri Health Care officials failed to receive an expected delivery of copies of patient billing information and immediately notified the University of Missouri Police Department.  The package had been sent via private courier to University of Missouri Health Care from a Kansas City bank that serves as the clearinghouse for the University of Missouri Health Care’s billing.  The package included copies of payments received by the bank between June 6 and June 13 and would have exposed bank account numbers, partial credit card numbers, names and addresses.  Notification letters were sent on June 21. University of Missouri Health Care has terminated its contract with the courier responsible for delivering the missing package.  Affected parties are advised to contact their banks or credit card companies and change their account or card numbers.

UPDATE (1/26/2012): Privacy Rights Clearinghouse received documentation that revealed people in Columbia were affected by the breach.