Harvard University Health Services, Anna Jacques Hospital, Lowell General Hospital, Saints Medical Center

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Date Breach Made Public: 
November 4, 2011
United States
Massachusetts US
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HHS via PHIPrivacy.net
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Two men were arrested for posing as employees of an X-ray removal company in order to steal old X-ray films.  The two men hit multiple locations.  It is believed that their primary focus was the silver contained in the films, however patient medical and personal information was also linked to the X-ray films.  Around 1,000 X-rays were stolen from Harvard University Health Services and a barrel of X-rays was taken from Anna Jaques Hospital.  The men were charged with conspiracy and larceny from a building. The thefts occurred in August, but it is unclear how many other organizations were affected. The men were also linked to a crime or crimes in New Hampshire.

UPDATE (03/05/2012): The men were tied to thefts and theft attempts at Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport and Saints Medical Center in Lowell.