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2009 Releases and Alerts

Alert: Want to Buy a $37 Soda? -- (8.27.09)

Alert: 10 Rules for Creating a Hacker-Resistant Password -- (07.30.09)

Alert: Planning a Summer Vacation? Be a Privacy-Smart Traveler -- (06.03.09)

Alert: Online Personal Health Records: Are They Healthy for Your Privacy? -- (04.21.09)

Alert: Protecting Your Social Security Number at Tax Time -- (03.04.09)

Alert: Valentine e-cards May Deliver More Than Just Love! -- (02.03.09)

2008 Releases and Alerts

Alert: The Retail Equation (formerly The Return Exchange) -- (12.12.08)

Alert: The Privacy Implications of Cloud Computing -- (9.12.08)

Alert: Straight Talk about Identity Theft Monitoring Services -- (7.28.08)

Alert: “Spring Cleaning” Your Personal and Financial Records -- (4.18.08)

Alert: Can Stores Require an ID When I Pay by Credit Card? -- (2.5.08)

Alert: It's Tax Time. Take These Extra Precautions with Your Mail -- (1.11.08)

2007 Releases and Alerts

Alert: Spam E-mails Using PRC’s Address -- (12.20.07)

Alert: Ten Tips for Safe and Private Holiday Shopping -- (11.13.07)

Alert: What Is HealthVault? Things to Think About Before You Participate -- (10.11.07)

Alert: Pharmacies Profiting At Your Expense – Your Help Is Requested -- (7.30.07)

Alert: Dump Your Debit Card! New Guide Explains Your Card Payment Options -- (6.14.07)

Alert: Planning a Summer Vacation? Be a Privacy-Smart Traveler -- (5.18.07)

Alert: Privacy Tips for Tax Season (3.7.07)

Report: Privacy Today: A Review of Current Issues (2.28.07)

Alert: Real ID Act Will Increase Exposure to ID Theft (2.28.07)

Alert: Junk Faxes: They Are Now OK with a “Business” Relationship (2.19.07)

: Phishing: A Real-Life Experiment with Troubling Results (2.9.07)

The Case of the Disappearing Check: What is Electronic Check Conversion? (1.25.07)

Alert: It's Tax Time. Take These Extra Precautions with Your Mail (1.15.07)

Warning: Your Mail May Be Hazardous to Your Privacy (1.15.07)

2006 Releases and Alerts

Alert: Your Cell Phone Can Continue Talking Even After You Get Rid of It (09.25.06)

Alert: Keep Your Internet Searches Private

Alert: Your Resume' May be Overshadowed by Your Online Persona: Tips for Jobseekers (07.09.06)

Alert: For a Complete Medical History, Compile Your Own Health Records (06.18.06)

Alert: Tell the FCC to Stop Debt Collectors from Calling Your Cell Phone (05.07.06)

Alert: Tell the IRS that Allowing Tax Preparers to Sell Taxpayer Data to Marketers Is a Bad Idea (03.25.06)

Alert: Privacy Tips for Tax Season (03.06.06)

Protect Your Cell Phone Records (01.24.06)

Alert: For the New Year, Resolve to Check Yourself Out (01.08.06)

2005 Releases and Alerts

Alert: Popular Online Investing Attracts Identity Thieves and Phishing Scams (Posted 11.13.05)

Alert: Don't Be Scammed by Hurricane Fraudsters (Reposted 09.10.05)

Alert: Telephone Call for Jury Duty May be a Scam (Posted 09.07.05)

Alert: It's Back-to-School Time: Parents, Do You Know Where Your Child's School Records Are? (Posted 09.03.05)

Alert: New Look for Prescreened Credit and Insurance Offers (Posted 08.22.05)

Alert: FTC Sues Impostor Web Sites Offering ìFree Credit Reports.î You May be Eligible for a Refund (Posted 08.20.05)

Alert: Who Is Using Your Checkbook? FDIC Warns About (Posted 08.14.05)

Call Don't Click Update -- Still Be Smart about Ordering Federally Mandated Free Credit Reports (07.17.05)

Fact Sheet 4(a): "Shine the Light" on Marketers: Find Out How They Know Your Name (07.15.05)

The Latest Security Breach, Affecting 40 Million Cardholders -- What Should You Do? (06.18.05)

Alert: The FTC's Document Disposal Rule: Does it Apply to You? (06.03.05)

PRC's Privacy Update Newsletter 3:3 (05.18.05)

Alert: Bogus Email Claims that Cell Phone Numbers will be Released to Telemarketers (Posted 04.22.05)

A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident (04.20.05)

Privacy Groups Urge the Federal Reserve Board to Protect Consumers from Identity Theft and Stolen Convenience Checks (03.28.05)

PRC's Privacy Update Newsletter 3:2 (Posted 03.13.05)

Update: With Info. about LexisNexis Data Breach-- The ChoicePoint Data Security Breach: What It Means for You, and How to Find Out What ChoicePoint Knows about You (Posted 03.09.05)

Páginas Informativas 29: La confidencialidad y la educación (03.08.05)

Criminal Identity Theft in California -- Presentation at CA's Identity Theft Summit (03.08.05)

Comments to the CA Department of Insurance on Property Loss Databases (03.08.05)

Privacy Advocates Call for Tough Regulation of Financial Data and Stronger Identity Theft Protections (Posted 03.01.05)

Consumers in Midwest States Can Get Free Credit Reports Starting March 1, 2005 (Posted 02.28.05)

Groups Ask FTC to Stop Blocking Links to Free Credit Report Site (Posted 02.28.05)

Call Don't Click-Why It's Smarter to Order a Federally Mandated Credit Report Via the Phone Instead of the Internet (Posted 02.25.05)

Alert: The ChoicePoint Data Security Breach: What It Means for You, and How to Find Out What ChoicePoint Knows about You (Posted 02.19.05)

PRC's Privacy Update Newsletter 3:1 (Posted 01.27.05)

Prerecorded Telemarketing Messages to Existing Business Customers: Comments to FTC (Posted 01.10.05)

Fair and Reasonable Fee for Credit Score Disclosure: Comments to Federal Trade Commission (Posted 01.10.05)

2004 Releases and Alerts

California's "Shine the Light" Law Goes into Effect Jan. 1, 2005 (Posted 12.29.04)

PRC Newsletter 2:8 (Posted 12.9.04)

Fact Sheet 6(b): The “Other” Consumer Reports: What You Should Know about “Specialty” Reports (Posted 12.4.04)

Consumers Can Get Free “Specialty” Consumer Reports Starting December 1, 2004 (Posted 11.29.04)

Update: Web Site and Phone Number for Free Annual Credit Reports Unveiled (Posted 11.23.04)

PRC's Web Site Gets a New Look (Posted 11.23.04)

Alert: The Retail Equation (formerly The Return Exchange) (Posted 11.17.04)

West Coast Consumers Get Free Credit Reports Starting December 1, 2004 (Posted 11.17.04)

Alert: Phishing Emails Can Lead to Domain Registration for Scam Web Sites (Posted 11.12.04)

Fact Sheet 31: Customer Identification Programs for Financial Transactions: Getting to Know You (Posted 11.1.04)

PRC Portrayed in Nov. 1 Lifetime Movie -- Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story (Posted 10.30.04)

Fact Sheet 30: Check 21: Paperless Banking (Posted 10.28.04)

Opting Out of Pre-Approved Credit Offers: PRC's Comments to the FTC (Posted 10.28.04)

PRC Newsletter 2:7 (Posted 10.27.04)

PRC Opposes CA Proposition 64 (Posted 10.14.04)

Fact Sheet 29: Privacy in Education: A Guide for Parents and Adult-Age Students (Posted 10.08.04)

Alert Update: Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Spyware Bill into Law, Ignoring Technology Experts and Consumer Advocates to Veto It (Posted 10.01.04)

Why PRC Opposes CA Proposition 69, Expanded DNA Collection (Posted 09.28.04)

PRC Newsletter 2:6 (Posted 09.17.04)

Alert: Privacy Groups Urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to Veto Spyware Bill (Posted 09.12.04)

PRC Lawsuit Charges Albertsons' Pharmacies with Violating the Medical Privacy of Thousands of Consumers (Posted 09.08.04)

Fact Sheet 24e: Is Your Financial Information Safe? (Posted 09.01.04)

Alert: Have You Received Unsolicited Marketing Letters or Phone Calls Regarding Your Personal Prescriptions from Pharmaceutical Companies? (Posted 09.01.04)

Fact Sheet 6a: FACTA, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act: Consumers Win Some, Lose Some (Posted 08.10.04)

PRC Newsletter 2:5 (Posted 08.09.04)

FACTA Updates to the FCRA Now Noted in Fact Sheet 6, How Private Is My Credit Report? (Posted 08.09.04)

Document Disposal Rules (FACTA): Comments to FDIC (Posted 07.25.04)

Alert: The Work Number's Employment Database May Contain Inaccurate Information Reported by Employers (Posted 07.21.04)

Online Pharmacies Scant on Privacy Rights, Study Finds: PRC Urges Federal Agencies to Investigate (Posted 07.13.04)

Document Disposal Rules (FACTA): Comments to NCUA (Posted 07.13.04)

Fact Sheet 25a: Avoiding Online Job Scams: Critical Tips for Job Seekers (Posted 07.08.04)

Alert: Californians' Financial Privacy Reaffirmed: SB 1 Upheld by U.S. Court Decision (Posted 07.01.04)

California's Online Privacy Protection Act Goes into Effect July 1: Requires Internet Merchants to Post a Privacy Policy (Posted 06.28.04)

Alert Update: Take Action to Ensure Wireless 411 Directory will be Opt-In (Posted 06.27.04)

PRC Newsletter 2:4 (Posted 06.25.04)

RFID Comments at FTC Workshop: Implementing RFID Responsibly (Posted 06.24.04)

Document Disposal Rules (FACTA): Comments to FTC (Posted 06.16.04)

PRC Launches New Web Page: PRC In the News with Links to Press Quotes and Interviews (Posted 06.10.04)

Financial Institutions' Use of Personal Medical Data -- PRC Comments to Federal Agencies (Posted 05.25.04)

The Saga of Shredding in the U.S.: Presentation at the National Association for Information Destruction Conference (Posted 05.23.04)

Alert: PRC Calls for Wireless 411 Cell  Phone Number Directory to be Opt-In (Posted 05.21.04)

Online Video, Imagining the Future: RFID and Privacy on "California Connected" Features Beth Givens (Posted 05.17.04)

PRC Newsletter 2:3 (Posted 05.12.04)

Google's New Email Service, Gmail, Under Fire for Privacy Concerns, Possible Wiretap Law Violations (Posted 05.03.04)

Fact Sheet 18: Online Privacy for Nonprofits: How to Protect Members' Privacy and Personal Information (Posted 04.20.04)

Alert Update:
Thirty-One Privacy and Civil Liberties Organizations Urge Google to Suspend Gmail (Reposted 04.19.04)

Comments to FTC on National Credit Reporting Agencies and Free Reports (Posted 04.16.04)

Consumer Fed. of CA Ads Call for Financial Privacy, Parodies Citi's Identity Theft Commercials (Posted 04.12.04)

Readability of HIPAA Medical Privacy Notices - (Posted 04.10.04)

Alert: Twenty Eight Privacy and Civil Liberties Organizations Urge Google to Suspend Gmail (Posted 04.06.04)

Alert: Google's New Email Service 'Gmail' Sacrifices Privacy for Extra Storage Space (Posted 04.04.04)

PRC Newsletter 2.2 (Posted 4.02.04)

Letter to the Editor: Exposes Campaign Donors' Addresses Unnecessarily (Posted 4.02.04)

Comments to FTC on Short Privacy Notices for Financial Institutions (Posted 3.29.04)

Statement on Outsourcing and Privacy (Posted 3.11.04)

Fact Sheet 27: Debt Collection Practices: When Hardball Tactics Go Too Far (Posted 2.24.04)

PRC Newsletter 2.1 (Posted 2.24.04)

Financial Privacy Notices: Shorter is Better -- FTC Comments (Posted 2.23.04)

Compliance vs. Communication: Readability of HIPAA Notices (Posted 2.10.04)

RFID and Libraries -- Presentations to ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (Posted 1.13.04)

Alert Update: California Attorney General Files Against Mortgage Concepts for Telemarketing Violations (Reposted 1.12.04)

2003 Releases and Alerts

PRC Newsletter 1:8 (Posted 12.17.03)

Alert:Bogus Job Ads Attempt to Obtain Consumer Bank Account Data (Posted 12.11.03)

Prevent Identity Theft with Responsible Information-Handling Practices in the Workplace -- Testimony to San Diego County Supervisors (Posted 12.09.03)

Alert: Consumers on the Do Not Call Registry Allege Telemarketing Calls by Mortgage Concepts (Posted 12.08.03)

RFID Position Statement of Consumer Privacy and Civil Liberties Organizations -- (Posted 11.14.03)

World Privacy Forum Releases its 2003 Job Search Privacy Study (Posted 11.11.03)

Fact Sheet 25: Privacy Tips for Online Job Seekers newly revised (Posted 11.10.03)

Fact Sheet 1(a): Privacy Basics and Opt-Out Strategies (Posted 11.03.03)

PRC Newsletter 1:7 (Posted 10.30.03)

Comments to Federal Agencies regarding Security Breach Notification by Financial Companies  (Posted 10.15.03)

Alert: What Now for the National Do Not Call Registry? Do Not Call Registry is "Fully Up and Running"
(Reposted 10.09.03)

Alert: PRC Takes Aim at CAPPS II (Posted 09.30.03)

Groups Comment to National Banks Agency to Oppose Preemption of States (Posted 09.29.03)

PRC Newsletter 1:6 (Posted 09.26.03)

Fact Sheet 5: Telemarketing: How to Have a Quiet Evening at Home (Posted 09.24.03)

Fact Sheet 26: CLUE and You: How Insurers Size You Up (Posted 09.22.03)

Comments on CLUE and A-Plus Submitted to Calif. Dept. of Insurance (Posted 09.17.03)

Alert: Groups Oppose Data Mining of Health Information by Financial Institutions (Posted 09.12.03)

How Many Identity Theft Victims Are There? What is the Impact? Summary of Survey Findings (Posted 09.03.03)

PRC Newsletter  1:5 (Posted 08.29.03)

Financial Privacy in California and Congress: The Latest Developments (Posted 08.27.03)

Fact Sheet 16(b): Employment Background Checks: A Guide for Small Business Owners (Posted 08.26.03)

California Identity Theft Laws (Posted 08.25.03)

RFID and the Public Policy Void: Givens' Testimony (Posted 08.20.03)

New Background Check Guide for California Jobseekers, Fact Sheet 16a (Posted 7.25.03)

PRC Newsletter 1:4 (Posted 07.23.03)

Alert: Watch Out for "Phishing" Emails Attempting to Capture Your Personal Information (Posted 07.21.03)

FTC Workshop Comments for "Information Flows" Workshop (Posted 07.07.03)

Alert: California Do-Not-Call Registry Is Merging with the Federal List (Updated 6.27.03)

PRC Newsletter 1:3 (Posted 06.24.03)

Alert: California Security Breach Notice Law Effective 07.01.03 (Posted 06.20.03)

PRC Newsletter 1:2 (Posted 05.19.03)

Alert: Confusing E-Mail about Opt-Out Number Sends the Wrong Message (Re-Posted 04.14.03)

"Show Me Your Papers," Demands New Yorker Ramada Hotel (Posted 04.12.03)

PRC Newsletter 1:1 (Posted 04.11.03)

Alert: Privacy and First Amendment Conference, Oakland, May 9th (Posted 04.09.03)

Fact Sheet 8a: HIPAA Basics: Medical Privacy in the Electronic Age (Posted 04.05.03)

My Experience with Internet Employment Site (Posted 03.10.03)

Alert: Report Reveals Online Job Search Privacy Abuses (Posted 02.19.03)

Fact Sheet 25: Online Job Seeker Web Sites: Tips to Safeguard Your Privacy (Posted (02.19.03)

Resume Data Base Nightmare: Job Seeker Privacy at Risk (Posted 02.19.03)

2002 Releases and Alerts

Fact Sheet 2: Wireless Communications: Voice and Data Privacy (Updated 12.28.02)

Comments to FCC on Federal "Do-Not-Call" List (Posted 12.09.02)

Change of Address? An Identity Theft Victim Sounds a Warning (Posted 12.05.02)

Privacy Today: A Review of Current Issues (Updated 11.04.02)

Fact Sheet 3: Stopping Harassing Phone Calls (Updated 10.31.02)

Beware of Debit Card Fraud (Posted 10.21.02)

Fact Sheet 21: Children's Online Privacy (Updated 10.15.02)

USPIRG Documents the Failure of Gramm-Leach-Bliley (Posted 09.19.02)

Alert: Full-Page Ad Distorts Facts about SB 773, California Financial Privacy Bill (Posted 8.27.02)

Gellman on "Health Privacy: The Way We Live Now" (Posted 08.26.02)

Alert: San Mateo Co. Passes Opt-in Financial Privacy Ordinance (Posted 08.08.02)

Alert: Historic North Dakota Vote for Financial Privacy (Posted 06.23.02)

Identity Theft Precautions for California State Employees - Hacking Incident (Posted 06.11.02)

New Telemarketing "Do Not Call" List to be Implemented in California (Posted 01.10.02)

2001 Releases and Alerts

Media Alert of Potential Identity Theft Scam Related to Terrorist Attacks (Posted 09.18.01)

Important Message for Customers, 9.21.01 Deadline (Posted 09.15.01)

Financial Privacy Opt-Out -- Once Is Forever (Posted 06.25.01)

New Privacy Study Challenges Industry Assertions on the Cost of Protecting Consumers' Privacy (Posted 04.16.01)

New Financial Privacy Rights May Be Buried in "Junk" Mail (03.26.01)