Prescription Privacy

  • Ask for your pharmacy's privacy notice.
  • Ask for your prescription benefit manager's privacy notice.
  • Ask your doctors if they have opted out of sharing their prescription data with pharmaceutical companies via the AMA's Prescription Data Restriction Program.
  • Find out if you have a prescription drug report with Milliman or OptumInsight (Ingenix), ask to access it, and request that any errors be corrected.
  • Request copies of your prescription information from health care providers, health plans, pharmacies, and prescription benefit managers.  If the information is inaccurate, request changes.
  • Keep your own record of your prescriptions as a reference.  This can help you correct any errors you find in a prescription record someone else maintains.
  • If you feel your rights have been violated or your concerns ignored, file a complaint. You can complain directly to your provider or health plan, to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights, and state licensing boards in certain circumstances.