Public Records in a Computerized Network Environment: Privacy Implications

The burgeoning information industry is acquiring data from both public and private sector sources, merging and repackaging them and then selling them on the marketplace. CDB Infotek is one of those companies, headquartered in Santa Ana -- another is Information Resources in Fullerton. Look in the Yellow Pages under 'investigators' and you'll see dozens of small companies that subscribe to the information services provided by these larger information clearinghouses.


I Just Want My Privacy: Speaking Out Against Online Information Brokers

October 11, 2010

I was shocked and horrified to find my name, address, and UNLISTED phone number available on numerous Reverse Phone Directory websites, without my permission or knowledge. I do not have internet at home. I found out about it at the public library. One site even had a map of my location and a photo of the front of my property. It is like a sick invitation to my Ex-boyfriend to come find me!

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