Online Reputation Management - What Every Jobseeker Should Know

In today’s digital world, false or unflattering information attached to your name could haunt you for years.  For jobseekers competing in a tough economy, an unprofessional online presence could be a hindrance to landing a good job.  More employers are using the Internet to learn about job candidates, with a recent Microsoft survey showing that 70% of hiring managers have rejected a job applicant because of information posted online. 

Some jobseekers are turning to Online Reputation Management (ORM) firms to help them improve their digital personas.  Before you pay for an ORM service, be aware that ORM firms do not have the ability to remove unflattering information from the Internet any more than you do. If you are willing to invest the time, you can manage your own online reputation at little or no cost.

I Just Want My Privacy: Speaking Out Against Online Information Brokers

December 31, 1969
December 31,1969

I was shocked and horrified to find my name, address, and UNLISTED phone number available on numerous Reverse Phone Directory websites, without my permission or knowledge. I do not have internet at home. I found out about it at the public library. One site even had a map of my location and a photo of the front of my property. It is like a sick invitation to my Ex-boyfriend to come find me!

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